A smooth, flexible CMS to create the designs you like,
built on top of the powerful Django framework.

Content plugins

The contents of pages, blogs and articles can be freely edited using content plugins.
Most of these are shipped in the django-fluent-contents package.

The plugins can be expliclty enabled or disabled, tailoring the admin site to the needs of staff users.

Text plugin

The CMS supports any editor you like, such as TinyMCE, CKEditor, YUI Editor or RedactorJS. The editor is used by all other plugins too.

Picture plugin

Outside the WYSIWYG editor, the picture plugn offers a organized way to add pictures with captions, URLs and custom appearances. It integrates with file browsers by default, such as django-filebrowser.

Online media

Online media can be included by adding the URL of the page; whether it's a YouTube or Vimeo video, a SlideShare or SpeakerDesk presentation or Flickr photo. The embed code is fetched using Embed.ly, Noembed or using a known list of OEmbed providers.

Shared content

Content can be shared at multiple pages. Use this plugin to edit a site footer, blog sidebar or mission quote at all pages.

Twitter feeds

Twitter feeds can be added by user via the CMS easily. The styling is performed by the site design off course.


In case end users need to include embed codes or anything special, you can enable the Raw HTML plugin for them.

Google Docs

Online documents can be included using the Google Docs Viewer, which is easy to include your PDF files in the page.

Code snippets

Code snippet can be included, and will be styled using Pygments. The Pygments color schema can be defined site-wide.

Gist snippets

Gist snippets from GitHub can be included by entering their ID, and you're done!


When end-users need to include frames for old content (e.g. shop pages, or survey forms), this plugin gives you a quick way to add this feature for them!

reStructuredText, Markdown and Textile

Using the "markup" plugin, reStructuredText, markdown and textile are also supported in case you don't like using WYSIWYG editors. The output is cached, so this is really effecient to use.


While we don't provide a form-designer yet, you can include one of the most used form designers in the CMS.


When commenting needs to be optional at pages, use the commentsarea plugin to include a commentsbox at your page. It uses django.contrib.comments or django-fluent-comments internally.

DISQUS comments area

To include DISQUS comments at a page, this plugin provides the feature for you.

Third party

The following packages are not bundled, but installable from PyPI:

Contact Form Widget

Displaying a contact form with optional phone number field.

Layouts can be configured by providing your own ModelForm class, e.g. to add captcha support.

GitHub repository

Countdown timer

A countdown timer to a given event.

GitHub repository

Cookie law notification

Display a dismissable cookie usage notification.

GitHub repository

Google Maps Widget

Displaying places on a map. The plugin supports adding custom icons, and clustering nearby places into a single group.

GitHub repository

and many more. For example:


Did you create another plugin? Add it to https://www.djangopackages.com/grids/g/fluentcms-plugins/

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