A smooth, flexible CMS to create the designs you like,
built on top of the powerful Django framework.

Page types

The page tree of the CMS can be filled with various node types. These can be explictly enabled or disabled in the Django settings, tailoring the CMS to the needs of the design and it’s staff users. Most of these page types are included in django-fluent-pages.

If needed, you can also create your own page types, This gives the fuill freedom to shape the CMS according to your needs. For example, you cna create a new page type with wallpaper configuration or a reStructuredText editor.

Flat page

The most basic page type only displays a WYSIWYG editor, which can be TinyMCE, CKEditor or any other WYSIWYG editor you like


The "fluent page" plugin gives the ability to place various blocks at the page; each area can be filled with various content plugins. This integrates django-fluent-contents into the django-fluent-pages app.

Redirect node

Within the page tree, you can place a redirect node. It can be included in the menu, and returns a 301 or 302 redirect response.

Plain text files

Plain text files can be part of the page tree, in case you want the robots.txt file to be configurable for example.

Custom page types

Any other module can be part of the page tree, for example a blog page or webshop page. Custom page types can even provide URLs, which are included at the location of the node.

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