A smooth, flexible CMS to create the designs you like,
built on top of the powerful Django framework.


This CMS is Open Source software; you are not constrained to the features that are currently included. When you need an improvement in the CMS for your projects, please add it! We would love to receive your help to improve this CMS. There are a few places you can help:

Writing code

You can find all code on GitHub; see https://github.com/edoburu for all code. Each package has a README.rst file with the global outline, and each major module is documented at Read the Docs too.

Reporting bugs

When you're using the packages, and there is something you didn't like, please file a bug ar our GitHub pages. Likely we can help you out, and work together to improve the CMS software!

Communication channels

Development Tips

Running projects from Git checkouts

As you have multiple projects checked out, use the add2virtualenv command to add all these packages to your python path. You'll be able to run code from the git clone without having to install the package! For example:

# Uninstall the package from PyPI
workon your-project
pip uninstall django-fluent-pages

# Include the Git repository in the virtualenv
git clone https://github.com/edoburu/django-fluent-pages.git
cd django-fluent-pages
add2virtualenv `pwd`

# now run your project
./manage.py runserver

Cloning projects, fork later

You can clone the existing projects, and later add your clone before you send in a pull request:

cd django-fluent-pages
git remote rename origin upstream
git remote add [email protected]/your-user/django-fluent-pages.git
git fetch --all
git push origin master

And you can send in your pull request.

Starting a project

We have a project-template available to get you started directly with django-fluent. Run it using:

Other contributions

We've built this software to improve the world, and it's given away to you for free. If you have no idea what to contribute, consider doing something else for people in return. Something in your local community, or something related to your skills. We'd love to know what you've done to spread your gifts!

We're inspired here by @PyDanny and @audreyr at DjangoConEU 2013; which we thank for writing the 2 Scoops of Django book.

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