A smooth, flexible CMS to create the designs you like,
built on top of the powerful Django framework.

Tag presentation

Lightning talk at DjangoCon EU 2014

For multilingual support, django-parler is at the base of the CMS. It provides the multilingual support which django-fluent-pages builds upon.

This presentation also explain why django-modeltranslation or django-hvad were nog used, and what complex inheritance were faced. Now features such as:

  • Python 3 support
  • Prefetching translations
  • Caching
  • High-level features such as `{% get_translated_url %}`.
  • Admin inlines

Licensing your Django code

When you release your software as Open Source for Django projects, the licenses choices boil down to a few choices (namely: BSD/MIT, LGPL, MPL or Apache 2). Which license to use? Here is a powerful reasoning why:

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